Tree Doctor


Children have pediatricians.

Pets have veterinarians.

But if your plant is sick, who would you call?

If you live in Keller, Texas, or nearby areas, all you need to do is call Keller Tree Care Services for all your plant disease needs.

How would I know if my plant is sick?

You would know if your plant is sick.

The growth is slow, the leaves turn yellow, and the branches could look soft.

The strength of your tree is slowly fading and you might find that the plans appear to be wilting.

Healthy leaves are green and lush, but if your leaves begin to turn yellow or brown, it might be a sign that your tree needs treatment. Oftentimes, the first sign that your plants have a disease is through the appearance of their leaves. It could be a sign that fungi and viruses are present in the plant.

What to do with a diseased plant?

If you are not familiar with how to take care of diseased plants, you should call our tree doctors at Keller Tree Services. We will take care of your diseased plants and nurse them back to life.

We will inspect the plant in question and we will check on an initial diagnosis for the tree.

If the tree is sick, we will isolate them to ensure that they won’t infect nearby plants.

Since each tree is different, we work on them separately to ensure that they won’t cross-infect each other. We also assess each plant based on its individual needs and condition.

When the analysis and diagnosis stage has been completed, we will work to provide each plant with the best condition for growth. We water the plants based on the required hydration of the species and we put the plants where it is able to get adequate sunlight for maximum growth. We also provide proper spacing for each tree to make sure that they are able to get proper air circulation as needed.

However, there are trees that can no longer be saved.

What do we do with these trees?

We will dispose of these trees properly and make sure that they won’t infect other trees in the area.

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When it comes to your tree care needs, you should never compromise.

The Tree Doctors at Keller Tree Services are certified arborists that can handle any plant disease.

Our years of experience and specialized training provide us with an edge in this industry.

We offer affordable price rates without compromising on the quality of our services.

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