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Keller, TX is located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Just northeast of Fort Worth, we’re a suburb that’s passionate about combining the appeal of small-town living with big-city conveniences.

Not only have we been named one of the best small cities in America for the past three years, we’ve also been voted to be one of the top cities to raise a family in Texas and one of the safest places to live in Texas!

The main concern of safety in Keller, TX doesn’t just pertain to the city itself. Tree Service Keller is just as passionate about safety as the city. We not only care about your trees; we care about you. Trees are a big part of all our lives, and it makes sense to trust the people who are experts to take care of them.

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Keller, TX is also a part of Tree City USA, which is a national recognition program sponsored by the Arbor Day Foundation. Essentially, Keller is devoted to preserving and maintaining the urban and community forestry. There are four standards that must be met in order for a community to qualify for Tree City USA:

  1. A Tree Board or Department
    Keller has a department that’s responsible for tree care. One of the main benefits of involving the community (businesses and residents) is creating a wider understanding of what trees do for the community and why they are important, which in turn, allows for better tree care.
  2. A Tree Care Ordinance
    Keller has city ordinances that promote the values of the community when it comes to trees. We believe that trees are important to maintain our quality of life and our environment. By maintaining proper tree care, we are able to continue our beautification, air cooling and purification, noise reduction, and property value increase.
  3. A Community Forestry Program with an Annual Budget of at least $2 Per Capita
    Keller cares for its citizens and $2 per capita (per person) is no big deal! We know it costs money to plant trees and maintain their health, but the benefits of trees far outweigh any initial costs. Trees help lower energy costs, help with stormwater management, and boost property values.
  4. An Arbor Day Observance and Proclamation
    Keller celebrates Arbor Day like many other parts of the world by planting trees. We know that educating the community about trees and tree care is important, so we try to make it fun! We combine arts and crafts, contests, and even presentations by celebrities.

    Tree service in Keller is important for so many reasons. We’re one of the safest, most beautiful Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex suburbs and it’s essential that we don’t lose sight of that. Tree care is part of our community and turning to the professionals is one of the best ways to help preserve our way of life.