Deep Root Fertilization


Fertilization is very important to ensure the proper growth of your plants.

However, there is an even better way to make use of your fertilizers to help your plants grow to their optimal state.

With Keller Tree Care Services, we are able to apply deep root fertilization that can help trees grow bigger and healthier.

We know when to apply the fertilizer and how much to put so that you can maximize the benefits of your bag of fertilizer. You don’t have to waste money on expensive fertilizers that reap no clear benefits.

With our deep root fertilization technique, we will inject the soil with the appropriate fertilizer for your trees. This increases the effectiveness of the fertilizer for providing nutrients.

Keller Deep Root Fertilization

When your fertilized plants haven’t been able to grow well, the fertilizer might not be the issue. The issue could be the manner of the application of the fertilization. If you opt for Keller Tree Service’s Deep Root Fertilization, the nutrients can be applied directly to the roots for better growth and healthier nourishment.

Our method includes injecting the ground with a specialized fertilizer mix. We inject the mix around the area of the tree to make sure that the soil is able to absorb all the nutrients, which ensures that no fertilizer mix is wasted.

With this method, the fertilizer is able to release its nutrients better without wastage. It also stays on the plant longer so you don’t have to keep on buying bags and bags of fertilizers that won’t work.

Get the best results at the lowest possible cost by calling Keller Tree Service.

#1 Deep Root Fertilization Company in Keller, Texas

Years of Experience

You can trust that we know what we are doing. Our team and contractors have years of experience in the tree care industry. Our practices can provide our clients with the ultimate confidence in our services and our commitment to provide service that you can depend on.

Specialized Knowledge

Keller, Texas ecology is plain and simple, but it is also specific to this area. Since we know Keller by heart, we are more familiar with the plants in the area. We know the nutrients that work best for the ground in Keller, which is why our fertilizers are highly specific to the needs of Keller’s soil.

Affordable Price

We believe in providing high-quality results without spending a lot. Our tree care service is surely one of the most affordable in Keller, Texas, but we never compromised the quality of our results. 

At Keller Tree Services, our goal is to give our clients the best customer service experience from start to the end.

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