Tree Disease Diagnosis


If you find that your trees are in poor health, it might be due to certain plant diseases. Your yard won’t look as nice if your plants are wilted and unhealthy. Your plants need all the love they can get and if they are prone to diseases, you will need to take care of them more.

When your trees are not growing as well as you want them to, you should contact Keller Tree Services and find out more about how you can treat the tree disease that you are currently having.

Our team of certified arborists knows the right way to handle your concern to make sure that your prized trees can grow to its best condition.

Common Tree Diseases in Keller, Texas

  • Leaf Wilt
  • Root Rot
  • Brown Rot
  • Bacterial Leaf Scorch
  • ​​ Pine Gall Rust
  • Hypoxylon Canker
  • Phytophthora ramorum
  • Fire Blight
  • ​Tip Blight
  • Oak Wilt
  • Sudden Oak Death
  • Post-Oak Decline
  • Leaf Spot Decline

Keller Tree Services – Tree Disease Diagnosis

If tree disease diagnosis isn’t familiar to you, just give us a call and we will discuss our services with you.

Tree Disease Diagnosis is an important step in making sure that your plants are properly tended and cared for. When you diagnose the disease of the tree, it is easier to get to the root of the problem.

We study the symptoms and find out which disease your plant might have. If you have narrowed down the concern, you can be able to address the concern better.

It is important to find out if the disease is non-infectious or infectious. When the tree disease is infectious, you will need to isolate the tree as it is often caused by bacteria or fungus. If your tree’s disease is non-infectious, it might be due to the lack of nutrients, which means that you can apply fertilizers to your plant.

Without the recommendations of a certified arborist, you may treat your tree the wrong way. Instead of improving the condition of the tree, the lack of tree disease diagnosis might cause more harm to your tree.

With our tree disease analysis, you are able to resolve any problems quickly and effectively.

Give Keller Tree Services a call and find out more about the tree disease diagnosis service that we offer.